Text 24 Feb Jessica Sligter & Susanna

Dutch artist Jessica Sligter and Norwegian artist Susanna played together for the first time in January 2014, when they performed new music for the opening of the exhibition “We Live On A Star” at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. They both have considerable resumes; Jessica Sligter has released albums under her own name, but also as Jæ and Sacred Harp. Susanna has released nine critically acclaimed albums to date, as Susanna and the Magical Orchestra/Susanna/Susanna Wallumrød.

The two strong but different voices fit very well together, as does their musical worlds. At Tape to Zero they will be performing as a duo, combining both new and old material from two unique artists presented in one concert.

Active for more than a decade, through nine albums so far as Susanna and the Magical Orchestra/Susanna/Susanna Wallumrød, the Oslo based artist has recently been taking big steps towards greater independence and autonomy, while increasing the range of her considerable talents as a songwriter, vocal interpreter and producer.
Susanna has collaborated with the american artist Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Jenny Hval, Jessica Sligter, The Cairo Gang, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Tord Gustavsen, Stian Westerhus, Motorpsycho’s Hans Magnus Ryan ‘Snah’, Deathprod + lots of other high quality musicians.
“If there were any doubts that Susanna is a world-class singer/songwriter, Wild Dog should put them to rest.”
 All Music (US)
“Maybe it’s something about northern latitudes that makes the piano-playing Norwegian songwriter Susanna sound like she could join
the Canadian sorority of musicians like Joni Mitchell and Feist: limpid-voiced, open-hearted, musically idiosyncratic and touched with mystery.”
New York Times (US)
“Exquisitely sung, swept over with stormy emotions, “Wild Dog”´s autumnal mysteries are alluring indeed.” 4/5.
Mojo (UK)

Web page - Susanna
Video - Wild Horse Wild Dog
Video -Susanna feat. Helge Sten & John Paul Jones - We Offer

Dutch vocalist and composer Jessica Sligter was proclaimed by ENO magazine as ‘norgesvenn’, and after some years of relative absence (and the release of two solo-albums), yes, Jessica is back. Always one to look for a challenge within composition and sound, lately she has been focusing on collaborative projects with amongst others Jenny Hval, Susanna, and contemporary music-composer Wilbert Bulsink, bending her compositions to more conceptual or abstract grounds, whilst always walking a hard-to-pin-down eclectic line. In the meantime Sligter’s third solo-album is in the making, which she produces alongside Randall Dunn, who has previously worked with such bands as Earth, Sunn O))) and violinist and composer Eyvind Kang; to be released in the fall of 2014.

Web page - Jessica Sligter
Video - The Dark Passenger: Rituals

* Susanna (Vocal, Piano)

* Jessica Sligter (Vocal, Guitar)

Photo credits (Susanna): Andreas Ulvo, (Jessica Sligter): Janneke van der Hagen

Text 18 Feb Andrés Prado Trio

Andrés Prado is a unique guitar player from Peru who plays in Norway for the first time. Andrés Prado is playing at Tape to Zero together with Terje Evensen and Terje Gewelt.

Andrés Prado and Terje Evensen first met in London in 2001. There they formed the trio with bassist Mat Elliott, and played around a lot on the London jazz scene and often with artists such as Julian Argüelles and Steve Waterman as guests. The partnership lasted for some years, but since their 6-week tour in Peru in 2003, it has been quiet. Right up until now. For the first time in Norway and this time with Terje Gewelt on bass.

Andrés Prado is a highly acclaimed and award-winning guitarist and composer from Peru. Prado has toured Peru, Europe and America, and played with renowned musicians such as Julio “Chocolate ” Algendones , Anthony Cox, and Julian Argüelles . He is currently the Head of the Department of Modern Popular Music, at the Catholic University of Peru, where he is also a professor.

Andrés Prado - web page

Now he is in Norway for the first time, and with his Norwegian trio he will perform his own compositions which have strong roots in traditional Peruvian music.

Welcome to an exotic evening of music world!

Terje Gewelt has played on over one hundred recordings with Scandinavian, European, and American artists such as Billy Cobham, Tommy Smith, the Russian pianist Misha Alperin, and Santana drummer Michael Schriever. The albums have been released on labels as RCA, CBS, Blue Note, and ECM. Gewelt started the record label Resonant Music in 1998 on which he has released eleven albums under his own name.

Terje Gewelt - web page

Terje Evensen can be heard on over 20 albums, and in 2010 he released a solo album, “Still you. You still here”, as the world’s first online album.
He has toured much of Europe as well as Japan, Peru, and New Zealand. Evensen has collaborated with musicians such as John Paul Jones, Nils Petter Molvær, Martin France, and Tim Harries.

Terje Evensen - web page

* Andrés Prado (Guitar)

* Terje Gewelt (Bass)

* Terje Evensen (Drums, Electronics)

Text 12 Feb Skyggespill

Tape to Zero 2014 opens with the premiere of Kjetil Husebø’s new electronic project “Skyggespill” (Shadow Play). In Skyggespill, Husebø serves up field recordings, slow movements, and abstract sounds in a musical universe that can be said to be both minimalist, maximalist, chaotic, and dark. Unlike his other projects, involving acoustic instruments, Skyggespill focuses solely on an electronic sound-image that can be classed as being ambient, electronica, and contemporary. And in contrast to his improvised solo project “Kjetil Husebø” - with a grand piano and live sampling / electronics, and his composed / produced collaboration “Optical Substance, Skyggespill is free from both piano and jazz.

Kjetil Husebø has previously released four albums and is currently working on his latest project Skyggespill

* Kjetil Husebø (Electronics)

Text 10 Feb 1 note sPacemoNkey

sPacemoNkey is made up of Morten Qvenild and Gard Nilssen. After a longer period of just talking about it, this band has finally seen the light of day, and the long awaited debut album “The Karman Line” on Hubro, is scheduled to be released in March 2014. The music is improvised, dynamic, rich, energetic, distinctive, tough, and fragile – it’s been mixed with a “disregarding genre” attitude. Over the last 10-15 years Morten Qvenild has been one of the most creative, innovative, and exploratory musicians in the country and is known from bands like In The Country, Shining, Jaga Jazzist, Trinity, and Susanna & the magical orchestra. Gard Nilssen is one of the most active and sought after drummers in Norway at the moment, and also plays with bands like Bushman’s Revenge, Astro Sonic, Zanussi 5, Team Hegdal, Cortex, Puma, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and Susanne Sundfør.

* Morten Qvenild (hyperpiano, synths, electronics)

* Gard Nilssen (drums, gongs, bells, electronics)

Text 5 Feb Joker Nies

"Experimental, playful and analogue electronica from Germany"

Joker Nies lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, sound-designer, sound-engineer, photographer and technical editor for the German magazines Sound&Recording and Keyboards.

Since the early 80´s, Nies experiments with all kinds of electronic sound-sources, like modular-analog synthesizers, individually designed electronic devices, DSP-based systems (like Kyma/Capybara) and software based sound-sources. During the early 90´s, modifying the Omnichord became his initiation to what is known as Circuit bending. Since that time a steadily growing number of devices has been converted from simple toys into alien sound devices.

For his live-performances the focus has completely moved away from computer hosted sound enviroments and shifted to analog electronics instead. His instruments, beneath the Omnichord, are carefully selected and modified electronics, and the outstanding instruments Rob Hordijk has built for him.

Recent activities include software synth-design in MAX/MSP for the german Keyboards magazine, and production and sound design for radio-plays. Nies also leads workshops and tutorials about circuit-bending, DIY-instruments and synth-design in MAX/MSP.

His musical activities are centered around an improvisational aproach, like with the Trio Die Schrauber or The KØP. He also cooperates in composition-based projects like the activities of the multimedia project REALTIME-RESEARCH and QUANTUM QUASI dance-projects.

Joker Nies performed on festivals in all of Europe, USA and Mexico, with artists like John Butcher, Ernst Reijsinger, Birgit Uhler, Thomas Lehn, Alan Silva, Dave Tucker, Seth Josel, Hans Tammen, Mario De Vega, Gino Robair and many others.

* Joker Nies (Live electronics, Cirquit bending)


Text 4 Feb Deathprod & Biosphere

Tape to Zero is proud to present this newly commissioned work by and with Deathprod (Helge Sten) and Biosphere (Geir Jenssen). Deathprod & Biosphere are key composers and musicians within ambient, electronica, and contemporary music. We’re very excited to present this rare and unique collaboration!

Deathprod and Biosphere transformed Arne Nordheim’s electronic works from 60 – and 70’s on their 1998 album Nordheim Transformed. The album received much attention and was viewed as being a bridge between old and contemporary Norwegian avant-garde electronica. Nordheim himself was very pleased with the results, and the album also sparked more interest in Nordheim’s electronic music.

For more than 20 years, Helge Sten aka Deathprod has produced some of the most enigmatic and organic electronic music in Norway. Helge Sten has also been busy with several other projects, including Supersilent, Motorpsycho, and Susanna, but he has always returned to the Deathprod project. Deathprod has released a number of albums. The debut album Treetop Drive (1993) is now considered a classic. Helge Sten will soon be releasing a new album from his current project “Minibus Pimps” with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin).

The man behind Biosphere is Geir Jenssen, who, via pop and acid house in the 80’s, started the ambient electronica project that is Biosphere in the early 90s. Biosphere is noted for a musical aesthetic based on arctic landscape and old Russian space crafts, a recipe that has resonated internationally and given him many fans. Biosphere has released a number of albums, where Substrata is considered a classic within the ambient genre.

  • Helge Sten (Electronics)
  • Geir Jenssen (Electronics)

The commisioned work is supported by Arts Council Norway

Text 4 Feb Tape to Zero 2014

Tape to Zero 2014 - April Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th at the National Jazz Scene, Oslo.

Text 18 Mar Splashgirl with Stian Westerhus

Tape to Zero is very proud to present a new and unique collaboration between Splashgirl and Stian Westerhus

Splashgirl is one of the most exciting instrumental bands to emerge from Norway in recent years. With drone jazz and minimalism - Splashgirl creates a catchy, lyrical, subtle, mysterious, and exploratory musical universe. Although the line-up is piano, bass, and drums, they differ from other traditional piano trios. Along with Stian Westerhus’ intense, contrasting, dark, and beautiful soundscapes, performed on electric guitar with violin bows and effects, 

Splashgirl with Stian Westerhus is set to perform music that has been specially written for Tape to Zero 2013.

About Splashgirl

Splashgirl was founded in 2004 by Andreas Stensland Løwe, Jo Berger Myhre, and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød. Their latest album Field Day Rituals was recorded in Seattle with producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Björk, Akron/Family, and more). Splashgirl has previously worked with such legends as Eyvind Kang, Erik Honoré, Jan Bang, Sidsel Endresen, Lasse Passage, Timothy Mason, and Alexander Kloster-Jensen. The trio has toured Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and Iceland extensively. The musicians in Splashgirl play in a variety of other contexts such as Philco Fiction, Susanna, Lama, JÆ, Ingrid Olava, Solveig Slettahjell, Hilde Marie Kjersem, Lasse Passage, Randi Tytingvåg, Block 5, and Sacred Harp, to name a few. 


Field Day Rituals (HUBRO 2013)

Pressure (HUBRO 2011)

Splashgirl / Huntsville Split LP (HUBRO 2011)

Arbor (HUBRO 2009)

Doors. Keys. (AIM Records 2007)

From the press: “Splashgirl was an exciting discovery and one of Punkt 08’s best shows, ranking as the surprise of the year— and not just at the festival (…) Splashgirl is a group that deserves a wider audience and, if it can get some proper exposure, no doubt will.” Allaboutjazz.com

Stian Westerhus is one of the most exciting instrumentalists Norway has today. Stian’s unorthodox use of the guitar is exciting and effective, full of rounded, warm, and unfamiliar sounds. He basically sounds like a whole band by himself, solely with his guitar and his effect boxes.

Stian usually plays with Nils Petter Molvaer trio, Sidsel Endresen, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Puma, Monolithic, etc. Stian`s latest solo album - The matriarch and The Wrong Kind Of Flowers ( 2012) - received very good reviews in a number of Norwegian and foreign publications.

* Andreas Stensland Løwe (Grand piano, lo-fi electronics)

* Jo Berger Myhre (Upright bass)

* Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød (Drums)

* Stian Westerhus (Electric guitar, fx)

Splashgirl website

Stian Westerhus website

Supported by the Arts Council, Norway

Text 8 Mar Pd conception

Pd conception was established in 2001. Pianist Ingvo Clauder and drummer Terje Evensen met in London during their studies abroad. After a series of concerts at London’s clubs as a duo, they debuted as a trio in 2004 with the double album Phrased Silence. Consisting of acoustic duo improvisations and the electronic re-compositions of Anders Tveit, the album received good reviews in publications such as The Wire and Jazzwise. Phrased Silence created fertile ground for the trio format that pd conception is today.

Their second album Mishka was released in 2006, and was instrumental in staking out the direction that the trio has taken within improvisation since then.

With open ears, they focus on phrasing, form, and tone. Their expression is unique.

Pd conception has, besides England, toured to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Norway. They have received radio time on the BBC and German SWR2.

* Ingvo Clauder (Grand piano)
* Terje Evensen (Perc)
* Anders Tveit (Live electronics)

Pd conception webpage
Ingvo Clauder
Terje Evensen
Anders Tveit

Text 22 Feb 1 note Kjetil Husebø

Kjetil Husebø (solo) - pianist, live-electronics engineer, producer, and composer.

Here, Kjetil will be developing upon his own particular style and concept from his previous solo album Contradictions. All About Jazz had this to say about Contradictions: ” (…) the success of this album is based on the cumulative effect of his disarming, innocent and highly melodic ambiance, which lingers long after the album has finished. (…) An intriguing musical journey.”

Kjetil is originally from Bergen and has played with many musicians from Norway and abroad. He has composed commissioned works and has released three albums. He has a background in jazz, classical, folk, electronica, and pop / rock.

In recent years, Kjetil has worked mainly with the jazz-electronica project Optical Substance. Unlike his solo project - which is totally improvised - the music of Optical Substance is composed and produced. The newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (journalist Asbjørn Rinsnes JR) wrote the following about OS’s most recent album - Adaptation (2010): “Minimalist and funky jazz electronica like virgin powder snow on a mountain (…) The album Adaptation is one of the year’s most unfairly overlooked albums”. Kjetil is currently in the planning phase of a new solo album, and a new OS album. This evening though, it’s all about solo improvisations on the grand piano, with live electronics and sampling.

* Kjetil Husebø (Grand piano, live electronics)





Photo: Fridtjof Wesseltoft.

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